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How to use coupon and promotions codes effectively

Sometimes it is not so obvious how to use a coupon code and promotion code together, the idea is both codes are limited time and if used together can get a better savings overall.
Filter by departments, having a coupon or promotion codes.
Using the filters, it is possible to find a product of your interest by departments, having a coupon or promotion code discount.
Copy a promotion code.
Copy a promotion code, i.e. the promotion code is directly copied to your clipboard for your convenience. We only show the coupon code discount, it is available on the product page directly.

Press the buy from amazon button to automatically have the promotion code applied to the product.
Check the promotion is still valid.
Check the promotion dates and ensure it is applied to your product.
Add the coupon code.
Make sure the coupon code is checked, otherwise you will not get the additional savings.
Checkout a product.
Add the product to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout, as you usually would.
The promotion code should be automatically applied, if not then apply the promotion code that you used in the payment method input box.