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Why I created yet another Amazon promotion and coupon code website

In the very competitive field of Amazon deals, their affiliate program is the main driver to push their products and is no different. Lots of people know this, and take advantage of it. I personally do this out of passion for not wanting to pay more of my hard earned money and to keep the lights on for my website.
Hopefully people noticed there are no obtrusive ads and no membership required in Most Amazon promotion and coupon code websites these days have either poor user experience, not working deals and collect personal data for financial profit.
In my opinion, the whole couponing experience is not straight forward and I always have to figure out “will the coupon actually work”, most of the time is does not. The main issue for me, was that coupons are very time sensitive and never coincides with when I want to buy something I really want.
To be honest, I do practically all of my shopping on Amazon since the covid pandemic, and believe the experience to be perfect for myself (like many others), with so many options it is sometimes overwhelming.
I knew promotion codes existed but consider them as coupons, in the end they both save me money and that is where I decided to focus my time and effort. Building a website that can conveniently display Amazon products with working discounts that actually work. The difference is I created a online service that would check the discounts daily, so that all the products I list on my website have very accurate applicability. Meaning, all the promotion and coupon codes actually work! There might be some times, that the discount is not available anymore but my service would remove that item the following day.