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The best Amazon deals websites you should consider

Let's go over popular coupon code websites that have actually working discounts, most of these websites that have coupon codes do not work and it's very annoying. Like many, I am an avid deal seeker and have tried many websites that specialize in deals. So let me review and rank the best promotion and coupon websites available.

Honey is a good option for discounts through coupon codes, I understand the idea that they integrate with google chrome and make it convenient to see discounts when shopping online. I mostly do my shopping at Amazon for my general all purpose shopping and Banana Republic for my brand name fashion.
I get many marketing emails from Banana Republic and know their seasonal discounts, so I do not need to use any tools to help me get discounts in this case. If you do not care about having the latest fashions, their friends and family promotional period at their outlet locations, is literally the best time to shop there.
The part I do not like about honey, is also that it's a google chrome extension. They need to scan your online shopping experience constantly to see when you are shopping and then potentially collect the items you are buying. Various sources have already called out the privacy concerns:

Vipon specializes in discounts for Amazon and is a good place to consider for finding available deals. It is similar this website but provides more options in terms of a mobile app and support for many countries. Vipon does collect your personal information and shares it with, as they are owned by the same parent company. One difference from my website, is you do not need a membership to use my website and I do not collect personal information. I do use Google Analytics for anonymous general usage to improve my features and that is about it.

Slickdeals is one of my favorite, I generally only check the hot deals forums for community based deals found. It is helpful to discuss how to get the discount with other people that have the experience. I thought about adding a similar feature to my website but I would need to be much more popular.

Party Time Promo focuses on intuitively getting Amazon discounts in the least amount of clicks possible, the user experience and convenience is a big factor. I do use the Amazon affiliate program, to keep the lights on for the website but the commission is very low for every purchase made and I assume is the reason other websites find different means to monetize their user base. At the moment of writing this, I am only focusing on the affiliate commission and have no other thoughts of selling personal data or using obtrusive ads.